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Children are truly a gift from God that needs to be cherished and nurtured. Each child has his/her own unique and special talents that can blossom through a strong, Christian Daycare.




The Objective of Horizons Child Care and Learning Center is to provide Children with the opportunity to grow in all areas of development. These goals can be accomplished through various activities and projects such as:


  1. Arts and Crafts

  2. Supervised Group Play

  3. Music time

  4. Homework Assistance

  5. Safe Supervision

  6. Recreational Activities

  7. Story Time

  8. learning Curriculum




The Goals of Horizons Child Care and Learning Center Staff are to love and to respect the students who attend the program, and to provide a climate conductive to personal growth.


Admission Policies:


Children are placed in a classroom with a group according to their birthdays. We ask for a non-refundable registration fee of $20.00 per family upon receiving a registration packet. A non-refundable deposit may be required in order for a place to be helped for your child if attendance will start at a later date.


  1. Additional Requirements 

  2. Physical - Not more than 6 months old

  3. Lead Screening - from current house

  4. Birth Certificate from court house

  5. TB test or waiver 

  6. Immunization records


Financial Policies and Procedures:


Payment of fees are due in advance. Enrollment will be terminated if payments are more than two weeks past due. Fees will not be prorated for absences. A schedule form needs to be filled out for the days of attedance. Any schedule that changes needs to be turned in the week before.


Financial Assistance:


Horizons Child Care and Learning Center accepts DCEFS, Project Child (Fayette County) or CHASI (Bond County); however we ask that you are approved before you start date or private pay until approved. Co-pays for these agencies will be due the first of the month.


Give us a call:


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